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There are entrepreneurs, investors and bloggers who constantly share business advice daily. As a fellow entrepreneur and business owner I understand the challenges that pivot our foundation. Although, the frequency of posts may not be daily or weekly I will share the gamut of experiences to help others execute strategies that are converted into solutions. To be notified follow our blog and join our mailing list.

The Revolt Against Traditional Politics

In this addition, I extend the challenge to think critically concerning the matter of voting and the undecided voter. Can my article  on Page 9 get your vote? Take a glance and let me know.

The Movement Will Be Tweeted. So, What About Your Brand?

Current events provide teachable proficiencies that every business owner should be equipped with learn more on page 10.

Kenectit featured in Black Media Moguls 2nd Issue

Click read more to view the Magazine. Our Client Kenectit is feature on page 12.

Presenting Inaugural Issue of Black Moguls Magazine

Click read more to view the Magazine. Be sure to find my Article on page 24 and our client on page 6.